Am I a prick for wanting to end my relationship with no real reason :/ ?

I really care about her and she's great but I just dont feel its anymore :/ and its sucks so much :(


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  • I think there is a reason.
    You just mentioned that you don't "feel" it anymore.
    If you think the feeling of infatuation is going to stick around for many years, then you are fooled.
    Every relationship starts off with this "head over heels" feelings that eventually dies out.
    You have to make an effort for your relationship to keep it exciting, and keep it blossoming.
    The test of whether you really care for someone or not, is based on the fact of whether you choose to run away when the infatuation stage as died, or if you stick around to blossom with your significant other.
    Love eventually becomes just a feeling of realizing that you'd do anything for that other person.
    Expecting it to be some fairy tale or fantasy is unrealistic.
    I'm just preparing you , for future relationships you may enter into to.
    Many people who are new to relationships mistake this for losing interest, but in fact it's not, you're just entering into a different phase of your relationship.


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  • Um.. Not feeling anything for her anymore is a real reason.

  • Tell her. I'd rather someone hurt me with the truth than betray me with a lie. It's best to let her know where she stands then so she can move on and you can find a girl you do want to be with

  • You don't really need a reason to break off a relationship. If it's not feeling right anymore, then it's not right anymore. Sometimes love isn't enough.

  • there is a reason.
    there's no sparks.
    there's no more feeling.
    there's no more love.
    you need to find someone new, im sure your breakup won't be that devasting if both parties agree, good luck

  • No you aren't a prick for wanting to break up. You can't force yourself to feel anything for someone. If she has feelings for you she will be hurt but that's how breakups work anyways.

    • I know she loves me so much and I still care about her so i really dont want to end it :/ I feel so guilty :(

  • No. U R being honest with her instead of cheating or something.


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