I can't help my shynes's when my boyfriend is around.. And this is becoming a huge problem.. Help?

Hey everyone.. I've met this guy 6 months ago and we've been dating since two months.. I really love this guy he's very sweet he helps me with my studies and changed my lifestyle to a healthier one.. The thing is im shy and kinda feel weird or awkward if i flirt back or say something nice to him although im very comfortable with him.. He keeps telling me to get rid of this obstacle between us.. it's becoming a problem.. Im getting so mad at myself cause he thinks it's a one sided effort in our relationship.. i tried to change but its outta my hands... Any tips or suggestions to get rid of my shyness? Please and thanks in advance!
Note: I'll appreciate it if u guys tell me what you would like to hear from your girlfriends..


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  • You can only get rid of it if you try to constantly do things that make you feel awkward right now. If you repeat them in front of him, you will eventually get used to doing such things and you won't feel shy anymore.


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  • Ask maybe to meet his friends.

    • I met his friends.. The problem is i don't know how to flirt back with him or show him i love him with words (i prefer actions ) .. I feel awkward if i said something nice to him :$

    • O. o I mean become friends with his friends xD its the easiest way sure initially its awkward but its the easiest probably for you. As they are likely in some shape or form are similiar to him. Cause thats generally how friends are chosen by having some sort of similarity in some shape or form. So logically you should be able to befriend at least one of his :) cause its awkward being the only friend of your S/O.

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