Early relationship question! how should I keep a mystery in my early relationship?

So I met a girl online and we've been seeing each other for almost month in a half. This girl is great and I really like her. There is one problem though. Im not very expereienced in dating and so far we had lots of fun. Recently we played a game of thruth or dare and it ended up being thruth or thruth game. She wouldn't let me do a dare so I just played along with answering thruth questions. It feels like she asked pretty much every personal question and I answered them as honestly as I could. But now Im worried that the mystery from my life is going away. I know girls thrive on mystery from a guy and I think she knows way too much about me. Can this be hurtful in an early relationship. We haven't had sex yet and I want to go on with this girl but Im worried she might lose interest in me.


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  • *Truth Try surprising her and always have their be something she doesn't know about you so when she does find out she is pleasantly surprised. Best of luck in your relationship! I hope it works out.


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