Girls, Can I get her to go on a first date for Valentines day?

Sorry about the long post
I went to a friends 21st birthday party last night and had to leave early because I had an exam at 8 am. Anyways, last night only made me want to ask this girl out on a date more than ever before.
I've been after her since September but she had a busy fall working with the athletic program at school and we just couldnt get our schedules together (i'd been trying to go out to lunch with her to ask her out in person). Fast forward to right before winter break, I messaged her to see if she could give me a ride to the bus stop to catch my bus down to the airport. She wound up not being able to take me but she did say that she really wanted to see me before i left. So we went out to breakfast and i though had a great time. No quiet or dull spots in conversation, no phone looking, all good stuff.
Now back from break, I've tried to catch up again, one time she couldn't make it because of a job, the next because she was going out of town for a family gathering. I hate asking every week to got to lunch but i feel like thats the only way. We hardly run into eachother on campus but when she sees me she makes a point of coming over and saying hello. I get the feeling she likes me but I just feel like i don't get the opportunity to ask her out on a date. I would hate to ask her out on a date through a text but i feel like that the only way to. I would love to be able to take her out on valentines day.
What advice do you all have for me? Is it okay to ask her out though a text? How do i come across as not too desperate? And, how do a guage if she is actually interested in me?


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