Does that make me a player or stupid? What should I do?

There are two guys who like me.. Lets call them A and B. They are really great guys and they have wonderful careers. Guy A owns a Tech firm where he repairs, sells and controlls technolgical devices (printers, computers, security systems etc) for some of the biggest companies in our country. Guy B is a Teller at the nations bank. They have a lot in common : They both are loyal, lookin for committed, stable relationships, athlete's , health nuts, ambitious, visionaries, loving, patient, kind- so basically everything I've ever wanted in a guys.

I've been taking to guy A for 2 months and guy B for 4 months. Obviously, I've met Guy B before A and I am more familiar with him but I haven't met up with either in person as yet. Guy A keeps begging to meet up but some how I dont want too, even tho we been kinda hitting it off. He wants to be my boyfriend and he swears he won't stop at anything until am his. Its really feels good to hear a guy say that but I dont want a serious relationship now.

I want a guy who I can go out with and have fun with no strings attached. No, I dont want his money and no I won't throw myself on him or try to fool him out of his heirloom, but thats how I feel. I have told both how I feel and they won't let up. So, should I just go along with the flow: go with them to fancy dinners, clubs, parks and then when it gets too serious run out or just not meet them in the first place?

PS: If i dont choose them, they say , the friendship is over and they won't bother me again.


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  • Seems like you like having to guys pawn over you which isn't a bad thing. But if you want a no strings attach relationship they clearly want more it won't work out. So you say they are everything you wanted in guys but you don't want a committed relationship? You can't have your cake and it too it's either choose one and date or have fun without either. If they want something serious why waste their time when you know you don't want that?

    • @rsstanford, you are absolutely right. The said if I say No then we won't be friends and they won't bother me. The truth is I actually enjoy their friendship. I like talking to them on an intellectual level and the advice that they share with me and the laughter. So still end the friendship?

    • End it maybe one might want to be your friend

    • hmmm ok, I guess that will be best :(

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