Had an awkward date?

I've known this girl for 3 months now. Went on 3 dates before last semester ended, kept in contact and texted over winter break, and since college has started back up, we met for breakfast twice. Every date before this last one went very good. But yesterday, I guess I just wasn't that talkative, I kinda just wanted to chill and relax, and simply enjoy being with her ya know? The first half went great; we confirmed our plans for tomorrow to see Deadpool, and I asked her if she also wanted to get dinner sometime over the weekend, and maybe bowling sometime in the near future too, in which she said yes. But I guess she was in a very talkative mood, and during the second half of the date, she even said, "okay it's your turn to talk." And I simply couldn't think of anything to say right away to start a new topic and that resulted in some awkward silences (Idk about her, but I at least felt awkward because I felt the need to say something). Afterwards she walked with me to my class, and again there was a short silence. We ended everything by just confirming things for Thursday again, and she hugged me goodbye.

I don't know, I feel sometimes it's hard to keep a consistant conversation going for a whole hour straight every time with as well as I already know her, especially when you're in the mood to just relax. And I don't want the wrong message being sent. I want her to know I really did enjoy being with her and are just more worried about how she thinks it went. I might be overracting because I really like this girl! Surely someone else has experienced something similar this. Is a moment of silence a bad thing? Should I just stop worrying about it? I feel so awkward every time it happens. I was thinking of casually telling her tomorrow something along the lines of what I'm saying right now. Thanks for any feedback :)


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  • Have you told her / sent her a message that you enjoyed being with her? I don't see a moment of silence as a bad thing. Don't overthink it :)


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