Should all Ugly men never be able to date?

We all know its easier to get dates even if you are
an ugly women so why should ugly guys keep trying
when they have no chance? Valentines day is 4 days
away should all (Us) Ugly guys just stay home or
risk being laughed at and rejected? I'm always single
on Valentines day but if I were an ugly women I wouldn't
be single.


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  • Strong username to question correlation.


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  • It's because guys are more desperate than women. From a biological point of view, women can afford to be more picky when it comes to their partner. This is why it's easier for a girl to find someone than it is for a guy. It's a fact of life. The real problem isn't about being ugly as a guy, it's about putting too much importance on such an insignificant thing. You can still life an otherwise happy life without a girlfriend, you just have to let yourself.

    • I wouldn't say I'm desperate I'm just sick of being single
      I had to stop asking women out cause I was always laughed at.

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    • I wish I could see women go through what some of us guys
      go through.

    • Oh, they do. When they reach 25+ and they're single and their window to have a family starts to close, things get really hard for them. This is assuming they want a family, of course.

  • I want to know how many times you've tried asking someone out in order to give you an honest answer

    • None since 2008 after the last girl turned out to be a bitch
      she opened my eyes that I couldn't trust any female.

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    • then why complain about you not having a girlfriend?

    • I'm not I'm talking about what other guys go through.