New to all this what should I do?

This guy and I have been talking/friends for a while now. We have been on agin and off again for almost two years now and counting...(were just friends) He just resently brokeup with his girlfriend. They have been having a ruff time. She was cheating on him with two other guys.(just found out today). Two days ago he told me that he loves me too, but i never told him that I love him ever.(not to his face lol) Our reationship is not just friends but we are not more than friends-what ever that is? Not sure how to go about this or well what to do. Im 20 years old and have never had a boyfriend in my life. Went on my first date last year (blind date). What should i do or not do? And Should i send him a cute text for Valentines Day? If so what should it say? Any advice would be much help! Thanks in advance!


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  • Just go with the flow. And don't be afraid to take a chance or risk by trying to get close with your friend or even date him if you want. Text him something simple for Valentine's day. Don't over think it. Im pretty sure he senses that you like him.


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