If a guy isn't sure he wants to be in a relationship, can I get him to change his mind?

I've been talking to this guy for a month now and he told me he likes me, but at times when I was drunk I said stupid stuff like, "you have to buy me this, or that. take me out to dinner, buy me flowers" as a joke, and I told him he had to "earn" touching my butt as a joke. He took it seriously and I guess now he thinks I'm materialistic and isn't sure that I am relaitonship material. I said a lot of this when I was nervous and I defenitly don't believe he needs to buy me anything, I just want to get to know him better. But recently he told me he's not sure if he's ready to be in a relationship but he's the relationship type. How can I get him to want to hangout again and get to know the real me?


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  • Well I would say to take it slow and stay away from the fire water. Just focus on being friends and hanging out. Dating comes next. You've lost his trust and dating interest it seems, so you have to gain that back first. Best of luck!

    • how would I get him to hang out? should I wait for the opportunity or ask him?

    • I would look for a very casual oppurtunity. Something like the movies or something simple. Just something fun and casual.

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  • No leave it alone. When a guy says that he has no interest in a relationship with you