What should I do?

What should I do?ok so I have a few problems. i dated this guy named Noah for a while then last year we broke up. He was flirting with other girls, being kinda mean and just didn't care. After we broke up we became friends and he has totally changed. I thought we were just friends until last week durring the announcements he had the ladie say "Now here is NNoah with some important information." Then Noah said "My important news was, Jordan Elizabeth Will you go to winter formal with me?" I was so shocked. And here's the problem, his best friend and I have massive crushes on each other. His friend asked me before Noah and I told him I'd think, and then noah asked me. Noah has became sweeter but he's still cocky but sweet. His friend Carter is sweet and hott and great but he's so shy. What should I do go with Noah or carter?
Noah is in the Black shirt, Carter is in the purple shirt, and there friend Cameron is in white.


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  • is cameron an option!!!

    • Well cam is hott u know I might just ask him