He constantly breaks plans to hang out?

What do you do will your boyfriend consistently breaks plans with you. We live 15 miles apart. I have been going to his place lately. But he won't come to mine. I mean does but goes back to his house after only spending a couple of hours. He was suppose to come to my house Sat,then told me he couldn't. OK understandable. He said Sun I will come. Sun comes he says he is to tired. He asks me to go there instead. So he told me Monday he would come over. Well Monday he calls but I didn't get to the phone in time. He didn't leave a message and he wouldn't return my call and he didn't show up. When he comes to my house, he can spend the night when I go to his I can't because I have my kids and neighbor friend only watches them for a couple hours. This isn't the only time he does this a lot. I usually don't say anything. I wish he wouldn't tell me he was coming then. I mean is this normal. Should I be angry. Or just let go. I feel both but I don't want to overreact. I feel like I want to yell at him.


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  • Umm it sounds like he doesn't watn to come be around your kids. Maybe he is afraid of all that right now.

    • We have been going out for a year. We do special activities with all of us kids included. He insists. We went to a game previous friday. Kids are not the issue he wants to have a baby with me. We only hang out like 2 times a week. One with my kids- the other I go t his house. He doesn;t come to mine.

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