How do I fix our 1.6 Years long distance relationship? We had many fights and break ups?

Its really complicated. From past 2 months things have been very rough - we broke up many times. I was depressed so I turned really clingy and needy and pushed him away. He's been really busy and we've got back together as he says he loves me and wants to try. He never blamed me - instead he said its his mistake he changed. He did really rude things to me and I feel he takes me for granted. It's our first day after the break up. I'm really good looking while he's below average but now it feels like he's not scared of losing me because I've actually pleaded him to stay before.
Should I stop calling and messaging him and wait for his message and calls? He's really taking me for granted.


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  • Well if you're being really clingy it may pay to give him a bit of space as well. It's a bit suffocating trying to maintain his world and keep you happy at the same time. He probably is scared of losing you as well but there's no way to tell because if you're just messaging each other there's no emotion behind it is there? So just wait and see what he does, maybe he'll come around, mayber he won't


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