How to know if a guy (online friend) likes you or is interested in you?

So I talk (text) to this guy since October last year and I've liked him before even seeing him. He's a lot like me in many ways, we have similar interests. He's usually the one to start our conversations. He talks to me everyday about everything how his day was, something that's not going well in his life, funny weird things sometimes we talk dirty (sexting). Most of the time we start talking in the morning when he's at work and it goes on the whole day until he sleeps.
He is single right now but he has mentioned he doesn't believe in a LDR or anything like that. I might be taking all these things in a wrong way, that's why I'm here asking this question.


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  • He will probably say it 💁🏻

  • First of all don't trust him unless
    1) You know some mutual friends who know him in person and they have good opinion on him
    2) You know him for at least few years
    3) You've talked to him other than just chatting via mails/text

    There's no clear way of telling other than the way he makes time to talk with you. Other than that just try to pick up signs in your communication.

    And again... don't trust easily.


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