My first kiss happened last night. Does anyone have any awkward first kiss stories to make it feel better?

I guess it was cute sort of. we hugged then he pulled me in for a kiss. it was wet and sloppy and short. I think I hyped myself up for it and now I feel bad


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  • I'll tell you when I get one.


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  • Mine was weird. I was on a date with a guy who abandoned me partway through so I ended up on a date with his friend. And at the end of the night we said goodbye and he gave me the most awkward kiss ever. Like I went home wondering if it was a kiss or if the guy was attempting to hug me and his mouth happened to just touch mine. It was weird.


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  • She initiated for my first time and kind of took me by surprise. Then, like a goofball, I didn't put my arms around her or hold her head or anything. So imagine trying to do a French kiss with no arms. That was me on the first time.


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  • When I kissed my boyfriend for the first time I opened my eyes and made eye contact with his sister who was staring at us through the crack in the door. She was 23 at the time. We were... like 16.

    So... yeah. There's that.

  • I was 14 and the last of my friends to ever make out with a boy, so one Friday night my friends invited my crush and his friends over to the one girls house where we were hanging out (her parents were out for the night). Not long after they got there the girl who's house it was was like "oh hey guys let's all go do this other thing... but not Sara and Matt.." wink wink nudge nudge super obvious teen girl shit lol

    Anyways, everyone else left the room and we just kinda were like 'ok I guess we're doing this' and started making out. It was sloppy and wet and awkward as all hell. He kept grabbing my butt super awkwardly and I didn't know where to put my hands so I just kinda let them hang lol

    Oh and sugar ray was playing in the background on MTV.