Do I ask my girlfriend for trip money or will she give it to me?

Me and my girlfriend of 3 months are flying to New York, I asked if she wanted to go and I bout 2 tickets 259$ each, do I have to ask her for her ticket money or does she assume that im buying both? She's not that type and even offered to use her points to pay for both our tickets before I bought them (her card ended up not having enough points) so how do I go about this without seeming cheap?

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  • Ask her, she may just assume you're just buying them.


What Guys Said 1

  • I don't know your financial situation, but in my opinion I don't spend money on a girl and expect to get repaid. If I'm not prepared to cover the cost myself, I don't do it to begin with.
    In this situation maybe you could see if she offers to pay for some of the other expenses associated with the trip (hotel, food, entertainment) and let it balance out that way?
    I feel like asking for money is kind of... I don't know, awkward? cheap?
    And waiting for her to pay you back is just setting you up for disappointment / resentment...
    From the sound of it though, I would probably bet that once you're in NYC and the bill comes for dinner, or you check into the hotel, she'll probably offer to pay since you bought the plane tickets. It would be acceptable to let her help cover those costs, but I'd probably not let the scales tip too much in the other direction (i. e. don't let her end up spending more on everything else than you did for the tickets... keep it even, or even take on a little more of the expense than her, just the gentlemanly thing to do IMO)