Which race of Women are now the standard?

back in the early days, it used to be European with Scandinavian/Eastern European like features but today in our world every breathing thing and grouple are with women like that, it's 2 mainstream as they would say. what race of girls can someone get that is considered the standard today? i Guess Italian/Spainish or maybe it's Indian? or Korean?


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  • "back in the early days"

    Are you blind or misinformed? That standard still stands, and always will for as long as the European race exists. Non-European girls strive to look as beautiful as their Euro counter parts as much as possible in order to look naturally beautiful. Non-Euro girls buy skin lightening lotions, hair straighteners, hair dye, eye contacts, all just to have the beautiful white skin, bright-colored hair, and gem colored eyes that they don't naturally have.

    • don't forget that European women are also the easiest to get with and marry, also lets not forget a lot of Europeans tan and darken their hair etc, Veronica from healing with horses is a good example cdn1.spiegel.de/.../...e-587354-galleryV9-cnlj.jpg this is her and her husband she was originally a German blonde woman, her skin is even darker now

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    • i think you're the only idiot here lol but carry on

    • she was originally a blonde with blue eyes

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