Should I explain myself to the guy I like?

Hey girls/guys... So I went on a date with this guy a week ago. Ended it with a kiss. We also made out a little, which was something I was not expecting to do (I'm quite inexperienced when it comes to guys, so I still feel very shy/nervous). He texted me right after, saying he had a great time, etc. Two days ago, we went out again, but this time I just gave him a polite kiss on the lips (my nerves were getting the better of me and I didn't want to come off "strong" this time). After I pulled away, I could tell he was quite confused... After that, I texted him saying thanks; haven't gotten a text from him since then. I'm afraid because I wasn't as affectionate towards him, he thinks I'm uninterested, which is totally not the case. Should I say explain to him how I really feel, or should I just text him something really direct, like "when can I see you again?" or something? Please help!


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  • Maybe start with...'I was really nervous last time I saw you, don't know if you could tell or not' then ask when you can see him again.