Does anyone stalk exes on social media?

When I get bored I stalk my exes on social media. I don't even care what they are up to or have feelings for them but I get bored cause I'm not in a relationship and wonder if they are so I don't feel bad for not being in one yet. I know it's weird but am I the only one who does this LOL?

Now I'm not friends on social media with any of them so it takes a few tricks to find things out. Usually I see the stuff they like and post and it's so stupid it reminds me that they're an idiot and if they find someone that person will probably be stupid like I once was so it shouldn't matter but boredom brings out the crazy in me I suppose.


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  • Me 2 lol give me an example of what u do

    • LOL. Since it's anonymous I will tell you. So shameful. So I will go on their facebook pages (in my cases that's the only social media they use). If I don't see any evidence on their page I further investigate to see if someone new has been liking their photos a lot. If I met them online then I see what their online status says and if it's still there so I know they are still single lol. There are different things I do. It's insane but I eventually stop if we've been broken up a very long time but sometimes I feel lonely and just want to know I'm not the only one who still hasn't found someone new. It's pathetic but I usually do it when I'm home bored and feeling some type of way.

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  • No, I don't care about my exes.