Why do men like Chinese women so much?

The majority of the female foreign exchange students in my university from china are dating white Canadian men. They don't even speak English very well so how do they make it work? I'm not racist but I'm really curious.


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  • I think many white guys see them as exotic erotic and think they are far more open to sexual practices. Iam not sure this is true its based more on cheap prostitution in Asian countries.
    For me out of most of the countries and races the Scandinavians seem the most open and enjoy recreational sex.


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  • It might be kind of like me in reverse. Japanese is my first language, and there was a period in which I couldn't speak English very well (gotten much better) but I wanted to date a lot of foreign women who spoke English even in Japan.

    To be honest, it's because I'm not the best communicator. I can't hold long conversations or do small talk very well.

    Dating women who spoke a foreign language and only a little bit of Japanese kind of gave me an excuse not to talk so much, make the relationship more physical and about just affection and intimacy of touch. With my broken English, the girls didn't realize that I wasn't the best communicator even in Japanese.

    So it kind of gave me an excuse to hide the fact that I'm not a smooth talker, not the best at carrying long conversations. I liked it that way.

    Also I just thought women from the U. S. and Europe were so exotic-looking.

    • First time I saw a girl in person with blonde hair and blue eyes, she looked to me like an angel. Perhaps a Western man who sees an Asian girl might think similarly.

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    • @Josht11 Oh sorry, maybe I said something wrong. Since I'm Japanese and don't speak English very well, I've preferred dating non-Japanese women for this reason (easier to communicate without lots of words, and also women from the U. S. and Europe are so pretty to me).

    • I'm not sure about their reasons for it, but those were mine for dating English speakers:
      1) Can hide the fact that I'm not good at conversations since I can't speak English so well, they don't expect me to be a great speaker.
      2) I find these girls with natural blonde hair and blue eyes and red hair and green eyes and so forth to be so pretty.
      3) Kind of a minor reason, but I wanted to get better at English.

  • Why do you like guys with certain features etc, you just think it's attractive it's more of a natural thing. I don't know why but Asian women are just very attractive at least to meh.

  • perhaps because of the Asian persuasion

  • Chinitas son atractivos.

  • Their really cute and good looking but apart from that I have no idea.


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