Is this normal after making it exclusive?

Me and woman have been dating for about 2 months and we just made it official about 2 weeks ago. During the dating phase she was always texting me etc. after we made it exclusive she changed. We spend Friday through Sunday together but Monday through Thursday she doesn't hardly text me much. She will respond if I text her but she rarely initiates anything now... But on weekends she is so happy to see me and we have lots of fun. Is this normal?


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  • I don't know, maybe it's because she knows she's got you already so doesn't feel like she has to put in as much effort as before

    • I hope that is not it I'll end it. No time for games

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    • She says busy at work or after work but it wasn't like that before she use to blow me up on text... Now she replies like a few hours later sometime and even texts me like I'm just a friend... I don't like it at all. Weekend Come we spend the whole day time together. Even church on Sunday. Lots of sex etc

    • I just tried to call her no answer.,,

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