Girls, How would you feel about moving halfway across the world, away from your friends and family, for your husband?

I have have this passion for Southeast Asian cultures, I dont really know how it started, but I've been planning on moving there since high school, I am already nearly fluent in Thai and I've been working on Khmer recently. I am moving there, there isn't a question about it, the only question is whether I could find a wife (preferably American since I'm American) that would be willing to go with me. How hard do you think it would be to find a girl who will drop everything and move to the other side of the world, to a country that she doesn't understand the language, she is a foreigner, and super far away from her friends and family? Would you do this?

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  • Yes, if he's happy, I'm happy, I'd live there for as long as he wants
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  • Yes, it sounds cool, but I would only do it short term (a few years)
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  • Yes, if he's happy, I'm happy, but I would only do it short term (a few years)
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  • No, are you crazy? I'm staying right here in my home country
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  • I was going to say yes until I realized the culture would be a lot different than what I am used to.

    The reason of my hesitation is that I will feel lonely. Despite having him with me, I would really miss my own culture, language, jokes, food, etc

    I already miss my relatives.
    Staying in U. S with family and friends only still makes me miss my relatives every now and then, I can't even imagine moving somewhere where I won't even get to see my best friend.

    But at the same time, if he is my husband, and we both have discussed, listening to both sides, caring for each other's needs, I would probably say yes.

  • I would move to basically anywhere my SO wanted to live. I'm not concerned with leaving my family behind, I'll be an adult and won't really need them anymore. Also I'm sure I won't be accepted back home once I move out and do what I want


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