Is this guy just playing me?

Long story short, I went on date on Saturday with a doctor. I really liked him and felt like we had great chemistry. He even seemed to want to meet up again, as he mentioned he was free on Tuesday and Wednesday during the week. He asked me what type of stuff I’d like to get up to like ice skating, cinema etc.

Anyway, three days went by and I didn’t hear anything from him at all. I changed my sim card Tuesday evening as I guessed I wouldn’t hear from him again. I then placed my sim card into my phone the next day (Wednesday) and saw that he had texted me. He had asked me how my trip to the capital had been and whether I had fun. I replied back immediately and didn’t receive a reply back until the next day, where he said he was at work, doing good and asked me whether I had watched the Superbowl.

I replied back today and saw that he would come online on Whatsapp but hasn’t replied back. He tends to come online on whatsapp but takes forever to get back to me. I know he’s a doctor and therefore must be extremely busy.

He hasn’t even asked me on a second date yet. Is this guy just trying to make me a second option while dating other girls on the side?


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  • Of course it's possible. Being overly busy is more likely. However even that most likely will make you feel like an afterthought.

    One option is to be less prompt in your replies to him and if he says anything about that tell him that he seems very busy and you didn't want to bother him.


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