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Does size matter to you? What attracts you: thin and petite, or thick?

Just wondering cause I've been thin my whole life, and the thought of gaining weight scares the hell outta me. But I've never really got a guys opinion on that.


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  • Uhm... Why do you only give two options to choose from? It is actually possible to be in between thin and thick.

    To answer your question: I like healthy girls. Most guys do, it seems. As soon as she becomes so thin or thick that is it is clear it is not healthy, the attraction fades.


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  • Yes size does matter but not as much as you would think; the majority would hold matters on choosing a person. I seen first hand that a nicer girl out rule a pretty girl all the time. But what are you looking for also matters. So looks count but if your a good person and willing to put in the extra time to get to know a person more, it really doesn't matter

  • thin is more attractive to me.

  • I love petite and thin girls. EMBRACE your body type, its a gift that should be cherished!

    I personally really don't like thick girls (I put in a lot of hours at the gym, efficient hours, and I like girls who are thin too).


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