I just got ditched by a girl. Dating it's not for me?

I was even all dressed up and everything. Girl was supposed to give me a call when she was ready and... NOTHING! she never called me. I tried to call her and she didn't even answerd. She never even call or something to cancel the whole thing. So yeah, I'm here all by myself dressed and stood up. my luck in the freaking "dating" thing has been horrible, like always, so this was pretty much the last nail on the coffin for me. I'm done with this, I'm done with this. I give up. Doesn't matter how good your intentions are. If you're not brad pit your screwed.


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  • Well, nobody is forcing you to date anyone, so you can quit if you want. But you know, maybe you should try to choose these girls more carefully. Or go for a different kind of girl than you have before.

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    • Well, no, not really... and you sounded pretty serious about quitting, both in your question and in the comments you've made on other people's opinions.

    • Sorry I got confused. But yeah I'm quitting for good this time

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  • Just move on man. One of the biggest problems that people on here have is that they generalize way too much. I believe that learning from the past is important, but everyone is an individual and every situation is unique. When you date another girl (and you eventually will), wipe the slate clean. Holding grudges will just hurt your chances with the next one.

    • Trust me man. I been there done that. Way too many times. Sucked up and willing to continue again even after so many failures. Trying to change my "game" or way on approaching girls and listen this advice, see that example and yara yara. And it's always the same. I seriously don't know what to do. I already tried everything man, I mean everything. It's not a separated bad experience and that's it. No, it's the accumulation of a bunch. So yeah I'm tired dude. I'm tired. That's why I generalized. To me the ending its always the same, always

    • You got to improve your screening process or, as you said, your game. I'm going to guess that, like most people, you take it too seriously and worry too much about where it's headed. Just enjoy yourself and try to have fun and let it develop naturally.

    • That's why I do, I never tried to forced things or keep insisting on calling, texting or something like that. I always let everything happen naturally, but it's quite simple it's just doesn't work. Or what else do you think I will be this much frustrated? I'm not exaggerating things about my bad luck. You probably thing ohh he's probably doing something wrong. Otherwise he shouldn't have that much horrible luck. It's impossible. Trust me. Simetimes. It can happen no matter how well you do everyyyyyything

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  • What a mean move from the girl.
    Two questions for you:
    -Do you think all girls will do moves like this?
    -Why do you want to give up entirely solely because of bad experience?

    If you think you've been unlucky, maybe change your ways of dating. Perhaps you should become very close with a girl before asking her for a date. If you gain her trust, you know something like this wouldn't happen.

  • with a pessimistic attitude like yours you were already screwed.

    • Not pessimistic. I'm just saying the reality my reality. What good does for me lying to myself? I'm just saying the realistic expectations. it's been like this forever. So why wouldn't I not be pessimistic? Why?

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  • expose her publicly saying how she stood you up