Girls, I Ask an ex coworker out, did I do the right thing?

Hello gals,

A month after I left my old job I meet a really nice girl name Tiffany, I talk to her as much as possible. I recently got offer a better paying job and I accepted the offer. Just a few days a go I decided to ask her out, but I had no way of communicating with her, so a friend a mine dilvired her a letter I wrote disguise as work documents, the letter said hey Tiff, I would love to get to know you, could you give me you number and my name and phone number. I thought she would reply for sure, we talk, laugh and I suspect she knew I like her, but she didn't reply. Under my circumstances I thought I didn't do anything wrong. I guess she dosen't like me, I feel bad but at least I let her know I was intrested anyfeed back, why woulden't she answer.


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  • You didn't do anything wrong.