Girls, If a girl you just starred messaging doesn't reply for several hours, is that a bad sign?

I met this chick in tinder it's not a hookup neither of us want that, just kinda talking etc, it's not like 24/7 usually we replied about once every hour or so the past few days, and she even told me what times were good she could talk today, anyway she replied once today but then stopped, it's been over six hours, and I'm just curious if this is a bad sign. I don't have much experience with messaging, I'm a face to face guy, any girl who's ever been close to me can tell you that. So I'm unsure of its etiquette. Anyway girls is 6 hours no reply a bad sign that she may not be that interested etc?

  • That's a bad sign, I wouldn't keep a guy I liked waiting that long
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  • You're probably worrying too much, that's not a bad sign.
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  • What time did she stop messaging you back? She may have fallen asleep. People still do that, you know.

    • Right after the message she got up at 1, that was yesterday

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