Is it safe for an 18yr old girl to fly alone to meet a girl she met on Twitter if she met her once before in person and has known her for over a year?

Im gay by the way. But I've met this girl on twitter and we Skype and text and talk on the phone ALL the time, i even met her a few months ago in person for brief time without my parents knowing while she was on vacation near where i live. I'm confident she or her wonderful family would never hurt me if i came but if i went to see her for 24 hours, my parents couldn't know because they both have the mindset that everyone online are serial killers (so not true). And gosh i really like this girl and would just about do anything for her, but i dont wanna put my life in too much serious danger. So would it be safe for me to fly alone even thought im only 18 and a girl? ( im also 5' tall which makes me small) Any opinions on the whole situation? Suggestions?

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  • Just... why? are you lonely or something?
    I wouldn't to be flat honest, don't be dumb be smart. Yes its safe to fly alone, airports are extremely safe, as for outside, no. Watch the movie taken, that should help.


What Girls Said 1

  • Ehh. If you really wanna do it, do it but it's not something I'd ever do. If you do end up going for it, please make sure someone knows where you are and who you're with and how to contact you. It'd be a good idea to have a close friend to call you or text you at a preconfirmed time to make sure that everything is okay and that gives you a chance to tell someone that it's not going well in case you're getting any nerves. It would also be best not to stay at her home or anything like that whilst you're there and to spend time in public with other people rather than in private.