Any insight on her? Does she like me, trust me, just friends?

I have liked her since the day I met her, they day I met her which was accidental (my schedule got screwed up, and weirdly enough we got some of the same classes). Sadly, she liked another guy, and I just had to deal with it. However, she has always been sorta flirty and talkative to me (and only me). She drew random stuff on my papers (hearts, flowers etc), laughs at everything I say. I literally do whatever I can for her, whenever I can, because I truly care about her and want to make her happy. In the end though, I realized my place, and know I'm just a friend. So I sorta moved on, although my feelings are still there. We were texting, and his name got brought up. This guy never wanted to "date" her and I told her any guy would be stupid not to, that your an amazing girl and so on. A few hours later, she said her eyes were opened, and she said she has "given up" on him (right after I said all this to her). Yet the two of them still hang out and so on. A week passes, and ever since this, she seems to talk to me more, inside jokes, getting more touchy. For example, I was walking in the hallway with her, and she walked with me instead of her friend. Our hands kept brushing together, and it came to the point where we were leaning on each other down the hallway, she seemed happy about it. She only comes to me for help, and half the time, she doesn't even need help. I don't know if she's just a really good friend, or she's falling for me, but any ideas?


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  • It looks like she's seeing you in a new light now that she is starting to disconnect with her boyfriend. She may have realized that you are a good friend and you can treat her better. What you described may lead to her falling for you. There's a possibility she likes you.


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