I'm not sure I want a long term relationship with this guy?

The reason I say this is because ever since I met him in person I've had constant sexual thoughts about him. I don't even care about where we go anymore, before I would analyse every small detail to determine if a guy really wanted a relationship or not.

Now I don't seem to care about those things anymore. I don't fantasise about being in Relationship with him, him meeting my friends or family or anything. All I seem to care about is what he can do for me sexually and vice versa.

When we spend time together and no one makes a move I find it frustrating. This is new to me as I have mostly refrained from doing anything sexual with men I'm not in a relationship with, however with this guy I don't seem to mind.

IS this normal? Do you think I really don't want a long term relationship and possibly just want something casual?



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  • if you don't want long term, then you shouldn't pursue... it's a waste of time.

    • Are you saying casual relationships are a waste of time? What if I want to just enjoy his company for the time being?

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    • after a few years, sure

    • take this from a guy who know: don't. waste. another. second! i wish i could turn the clock back... i'd give anything.

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  • You are not in love with him. You just enjoy the thing he does to you in bed, which means you are attracted to him, but you don't have feelings for him.

    • I know I'm not in love with him. I care about him. So far we haven't really done much sexually, most of it is stuff I imagine him doing in future...