Do I still have a chance I don't know what to do?

Do I still have a chance I don't know what to do? There was that girl I used to work with and she will always be the one who starts the conversation, she offers me her food, she talks to me about the things that happened to her and i do the same, one day at work she offered to be my partner, when we first met, her friend asked me how old do I think she is, one day we were sitting and she called me cute out of nowehere then she told me she won't go out with her girls at Saturday, and my last day as I was just about to leave she gave me a hug , then she told me to come and visit her next year, by the way I used to like her and I decided to come and see her after work but then her riends came out they were giggling and asked me if I was waiting for her and told me that she left 5 mins ago, OK I know that these are sign that she might like but... After the summer holidays I went to see her and I asked her for her number (her and her friend s, maybe thats why she did not give it) but she rejected to give it. And at the end of her work day she stayed after so she can help me without me asking her, when I am upset she will be the first person to ask if im ok But now 1 year has passed but she is the only girl I can think about but I can't find her she does not work there anymore plus she does not have facebook twitter or any other social media site now I do realize what chance I had at the time but I was an idiot the girl was chasing me and I did not do anything soneone please tell me what to do


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  • Surely some of her friends still work there and know how to reach her. You could ask them to pass on your phone number or arrange for the two of you to meet. They may also know if she is unattached. If you do arrange a meeting make it a memorable event so that her friends are sure to let her know.