Valentines Day with potential girlfriend. Need help ?

Hey Guys! So I met this chick 3 weeks ago. First date was great and we even had sex on first date. She started it by sending me messages that night how she would love to be with me and such. She next day asked me how did I like it and I said it was amazing and she liked it a lot. Well we have now been 3 weeks or 4 about having sex every now and then and she always comes over to sleep over too. One time she asked me what do you think our relationship is. I answered that it seems we are having fun and that you like being around me and she said I was right. She asked me then if I am dating someone and I said no. I asked the same and she said no and she was only dating me now. She likes cuddling with me and sleeps with her head on my chest and I think that means something right? Last week she went off to her parents far town for a week and we still talked by txting. She said to me that she didn't expect to miss me that week when she was there but she did. I dont know what this is, is it only FWB? or is there something more? we have lots in common and same thoughts on things. She agreed to be my valentine and i want to do something for her. I am scared i screw up. we text almost everyday and talk normally. its not like a booty call that we call to just have sex when we want. She has talked about me to her 2 close friends at least that what she said to me yesterday.

Can someone please help me figure this out? What is it? I have a feeling there's something more but she's scared.. I one time sent her a text while we were talking with earch other i said i liked her and she responded with " heeeyyy and pic of monkey closing its eyes with hands." Was that like something bad? :D


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  • If you wanna be in a relationship with her, why not just make it official. You both obviously want the same thing.

    • I really do want to. But she keeps giving me hot and cold signs. She did mention one day that she didn't want to have relationship with anyone right now. One time she was asking me what if she would move in with me to live. I said yeah come over :D I do like having her around. She said she was surprised of my answer and she was totally not " serious" About it but she just asked and was surprised that i would let her move in with me. She also one time we were talking about dating related topics. She just told me like " damn, why can't you just have fun with me?" I mean i can't help complimenting her because she is beautiful, she says she likes how i treat her and how she likes i tell her how beautiful she is. I am even now preparing her a valentines card but I am really thinking weather I should give her this or not. I am afraid of risking now and screw everything up at once..

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  • My guess is that when she asked what relationship you have she was hoping for more than the casual affair you described. Both of you seem to be waiting for the other to make this more than friends with benefits. The question is not what is this? But what do you want it to be? If you don't want anything to change then don't worry about it - she is not pushing you. If you want more, you will probably need to initiate more by showing intensified interest or even speaking up.

    • Thanks ! I dont know.. She gives me kind of hot cold signs sometimes. I can't seem to figure her out well. She did at one point tell me that she didn't want to date anyone or be in relationship with anyone right now.

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    • Thanks. I told her straight too yesterday that i understand what she wants and i am definetly not going to pressure her into this. I told her that everything I do for her is I am showing the best things she is going to get when she is with me if she decides. She says that she is not ready yet for relationships at the moment and she just wants to be free. You see I am 26 and she's 21 and she said she was limited because she was only with 1 guy at that time. She also mentioned, how she got tired of just giving and giving and didn't get anything anymore in return, while i treat her like queen, I compliment her beauty and notice small things in her and she even one time told me how i passed one of her test when i noticed that she only has 1 smile dimple and she said when someone really notices this someone really likes her and i did that... Is there anything i can do to make her want me? How can I show her that I am man not a boy that she's with and I can take care of her better?

    • Honestly, I think you're doing great as it is. You have good instincts about what will make her happy. Be yourself and i think she will respond well to you. If I suggest foo many alternative ideas and you might start to over-think matters and mess up.

      Enjoy it. This looks like a good thing.