Girls, On Valentine's day, a girl that I like will receive an anonymous surprise from me, how would you react?

Hey girls,

Valentine's day is coming up and there's a girl that I like a lot.

She apparently has been through a break-up one month ago.

Since she told me partly about what happened.
She didn't confirm the breakup but told me that she had a little hassle with her ex boyfriend (they have been together before but broke up earlier because thought that he wasn't the right one for her, but she later got back with him, stating that 'he does his best').
She also removed him from Facebook and one week later unfollowed him on Instagram and he is not following her either.
She also commented that now she needs some time for herself and to process everything.

But since I felt bad about that, I anonymously ordered her a card with a poem, a bouquet of roses and a heart shaped box with chocolates.
I did that with all my heart to cheer her up.

She will receive them all on Valentine's day.
And I am pretty excited and nervous about how she will react upon that when she gets the gifts delivered.

How would you girls react in a situation like that?


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  • I would think it's my ex who's sending something. (Why do you wanna do it anonymously? Write your naaaame on the gift!)

    • She will notice the text and see that it's me

    • Oh great! In that case it's pretty amazing :)