When a guy is too busy for me, do I need to walk away but be available or just cut him off completely?

Some background: we've known each other for a month and a half. We have had sex a few times. We have talked, texted, kept in contact. He seemed to genuinely (at first) want something.. Like asking about my family, hinting at meeting them. At first I was the one who was reluctant because he seemed interested more than I was.

then I caught full feelings. We have only hung out a few times. Sex each time. He is a really great athlete for his college & he's taking classes. He goes to meets every weekend. It started when we met and it won't be finished until June. We have not openly talked about it; I wanted to.. I sent him a message asking if he ever wanted to spend more time together and he never responded (it was a week ago exactly). Soo I don't know. I know he's a busy dude. He doesn't sleep around often. But I'm feeling rejected and hurt. I am busy with classes myself (I go to a very academically tough school) but I would make time.. But he also is in a sport so I don't know maybe I'm just not being understanding or what? Whenever he has a free weekend he hits me up. Otherwise, no word.

Objectively, I'd say he just views me as fun when he has free time, and otherwise is too busy for anything else.


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  • You've already had sex month and a half, damn I need to get tips from mack daddy

    • Yeah and you should see ME. He's an ungrateful little twat

    • I'm sorry... that sucks

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  • The lack of response is his answer. Silence is just as good an answer as words. No matter how busy someone is , they will sacrifice time for you out of their busy schedule... just to let you know they are thinking about you.