Girls, Do you think this is a good idea for a first valentine date?

I am planing to ask my crush out to be my valentine, who I believe also has a crush on me. Il start off by gving her a silver necklace with a simple silver ring hanging from it. After our youth group Il take here to a greak restruant, then on the way il buy her roses since a flower shop is right next to the restrunt. What do you girls think? Creepy or sweet and romantic?


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  • It sound sweet but maybe a little much. You're young and this is a first date, so don't go all out right away. I would wait on gifts just yet and go for something a little more subtle and genuine. You want to have fun with her, right? So do something fun. Don't feel like you need to be movie romantic. I feel like trying to impress someone that way rarely has the right effect