How to get revenge on a b*** that stole my bf?

the guy I've being dating he was perfect we had sooooo many things incoming like evrything we meet in drama class i liked him but he had a girlfriend whene i talked to her she looked nice and dumb anyway we were in the friendzone being our self he brock up with her cause she sheated on him 3 days later he told me about the break up and asked me out i said yes. first two weeks were great intule i notice somthing in drama class the group went to the movies to learn more he said it will be like a date but this girl she site next to him in the movie and then at restaurant table of four he was in the middle between the two of us and my friend was staring awkwardly and we went to shoot a scene in the beach at the rocks there were fooling around my friend and i again juste staring and shooting annother scene at the football field me and him were finnaly having fun together fooling around another girl come and told us to stop being childing i left cause i was upset of what she said then she started being "shilding" with him. then i saw those 2 girls that were seperating us were talking to his EX i told my bff she tought i was crazy then my other friend was hagning out with those 3 heard those two girls saying to his ex that i was ugly with bad smile and awful frizzy hair and how she prettier then me i was happy i told my bff I TOLD YOU SO and i was sad cause it was true so i had a makeover currently 7 guys want to date me. back to the pass. there was 2 houres in drama class were we learn about cameras and 2 hours were we separate and take pictures the best one win i coudnt show up that day cause i have a tutor the ex came that day and she was all over him according to my friends playing with her hair getting all flirty specially whene my friends look at them so i get the message and i did and we broke up they dint date she turned into a wanna be a school slut i juste want a revenge she was trying to prove that she better then i want to prove her wrong and not mess with me


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  • Based on this question alone, I think you should pay more attention to school than worrying about boys and petty drama. Run on sentences cause headaches. And spelling is good too.


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  • Holy shit have ever heard of commas and periods? Freaking use them!!