Guys I need advice. How should I proceed?

Need some clarification. I really really like this guy and I need to get my head on straight before I get in too deep (I'm already kinda in deep).

Questions: Am I just a booty call? Should I just chill and see what happens? Is there a potential that this guy is into me but he is uncertain of how he feels based on his past? Should I be concerned?

Ok the situation is like this and I'm going to lay out all the details:
-met on a dating app 3 months ago -spoke for 1 month prior to meeting, everyday all day. This pattern has continued for the past 3+ months
-had great first date, I think great chemistry since then
-didn't kiss til the 3rd date
-on 5th date he told me he was 6 months out of a broken engagement where the girl broke up with him because she wasn't really in love with him. Stated at that time he wasn't looking for a relationship becasue he is so new off the breakup but he could see himself liking me and thats why he wanted to be upfront and honest with me. Supporting evidence he gave was "I was the first girl he met up with from his online dating profiles and the dating app", "he enjoys spending time with me".
-he is very busy with law school
-I am busy with my career (pharmacist)
-Since sleeping together for the first time (~4 weeks ago) we haven't gone on a date. Its been mostly netflix and chill kinda deal. We both kinda chalk it up to our busy schedules (Him law school me with work)
-We have great sexual chemistry
-We share the same values
-Despite not going on formal "dates" for the past 4 weeks we still continue to talk throughout the day. Conversation includes how our days are going, gibber gabber etc. We are always laughing and joking with eachother

  • He likes you; cool your jets its only been 3 months
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  • Run, run like hell
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  • Proceed With Caution
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  • He probably likes you
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  • I have no idea
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  • Proceed with caution...

  • Its between Proceed With Caution and He probably likes you...