How to know when to approach?

It doesn't matter where i go or what i read it seems that staring at you and locking her eyes at you for long periods of time in addition to few moves the girl does and a seductive look from a lower angle ( not sure how to explain it but it happens ) means she finds you very attractive and its time to do something about i...

Now i do get that all the time (been told by many women iam very good looking so it could be why ) and i tried doing something about it 3 times with three different girls, the thing was basically checking their facebook for days to see if they have any guy action going on and then add them and chat them up since meeting them is kinda hard ( we have really different class schedules ) and to my surpirse not even a single one accepted my friend request, a girl i'd have sworn was ready to marry me if i asked ( my friends noticed how much attention she used to give me too ) and then nothing, absolutly nothing now she tries looking less but i see her looking when iam not...

which got me thinking, why? why do that? iam not getting this, iam trying to do something about a girl who is clearly showing signs of attraction and wants me to approach, it happened on many occasions for at least a couple months then when i made a move... nothing? she knows my friend and knows iam not some random guy or a weirdo or something, so iam just kinda clueless here...


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  • "I'm trying to do something about a girl who is clearly showing signs of attraction and wants me to approach. "

    So is that how you put the moves on women, by requesting a Facebook friendship with them?

    "A girl I'd sworn would marry me if I asked (my friends noticed how much attention she used to give to me, too) then nothing, absolutely nothing now she tries looking less but I see her looking when I'm not.)

    Adding a girl on Facebook is, as you know, not the same as approaching her in person; an option you have consistently elected to avoid, clearly.

    That being said: since you said nothing to her, and the others, prior and subsequent to the add attempt (s), perhaps she, they didn't think highly of your attempt to pursue them, but who knows?

    Approach women in person if you have the option. If such an option is not available, then consider others. Be confident.

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    • Approaching in person was my first option really i wanted to do it more than once and everytime i tried she either wasn't there or i had to go myself, i saw her once standing with a friend of mine whil walking to class and i walked back to go talk to them but the 2 minutes it took me to get out of my class and go say hi was enough for them to leave...

      With 20k students i barely get to see these girls one or two times a week these days so while i agree that an approach in person is much better which i've always done i found that facebook is easier and my only option sometimes... also i know this might sound a bit cocky, but if she was hoping for something to happen wouldn't she be really excited and accept, even if its just a facebook request? i know i would and i know many guys who pulled this off.

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  • Girls are a big problem. They're always playing some SICK games. Beware!!

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