Girls would you mind reading this quick love note?

Can I get a girls opinion on this love letter? I have been working on it forever and am about to write it (I take caligraphy). Is this too cheesy? It really embodies how I feel. Thanks!

My Dearest NAMEHERE,

You do so many things for me every day and you somehow only manage to make my feelings and love for you grow with each passing moment. To express that, I decided to write you this love letter to share how I feel about you. With each passing day, I look forward to getting up and going to school early in the morning. Not because of Physics, or Electronics II but because I get to see your beautiful smile and experience the radiant personality you have. I get to hear your wonderful laugh, your beautiful voice, and get to stare into your entrancing dark brown eyes. And as each moment passes and I get to hold your hand in mine, I only get more conscious of my nearness to you and your presence never leaves me. You are quite literally the sweetest, most compassionate person I have met in my entire existence. Never have I met anyone who could care more about someone, or be so understanding and loving than you are. And in a thousand years, if I could ever meet anyone like you I would be the luckiest guy in the world. When you do leave me even though it is a short while, it feels like a million years. I love your intellect and your ability to look at things and see them clearly without bias. Your ability to see the good in things and not be critical and cruel, like artificial sugar but genuine. The way your hair falls behind your ear and that cute smile you give me. It just makes me melt in my chair and never want to get back up again. I really hope we get to spend many more months together and get to grow and learn with each other. And possibly, never part. Saja kasih saudari. I love you Madeleine.

More than words,



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  • Honestly? I cringed at the use of passing three times, try to find a synonym for it. Also it would be a good idea not to start the... 6th or 7th sentence as well as the third last with 'and' which I also thought was very cringe inducing. There is also the part where you talk about being lucky if you met someone like her or that 'when she leaves you' which I don't really understand because if it's a lobe letter you should be focusing on the now and the good in the relationship not the possible termination of it... or that there could possible be someone else just like her out there. I dont understand your artificial sugar metaphor... it didn't make much sense at all. I could tell what you were trying to get at but yeah, confusing stuff. Other than that I think it's really good and really sweet. Whether you take my advice is up to you but the way it is by itself is still really beautiful and I'm sure she'd love it. I'm sorry if my critisicim came off harsh though, I'm a bit of a writer myself and I tend to nit pick on this kind of stuff XD

    • Nonsense, your advice was very helpful! I greatly appreciate your advice and will put it to good use by changing the things you outlined! Have a great day :)!!!

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    • I'd day "when you're away from me, even though it's only for a short while..." that way there's no implication of leaving you.

    • Thanks man ^-^

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  • it's sweet. cute. innocent.

  • Okay, see, I am not from yr culture, and, that culture clash could be critically important here.
    This is something the other posters should be acknowledging, too. Any responder who isn't from Indonesia should be like, "Hey, I'm not from Indonesia, dude, BUT, here's my take on this..." Right? lol


    ***IF*** yr culture has an actual tradition of young men serenading women in totally over-the-top ways, then, this could totally work.
    If yr culture has no such tradition -- or if it does, but the tradition is seen as something that's outdated or associated with the grandparents' generation -- then, this will SO totally not work.

    I mean, I can see this in an interesting light, because half of me is Latina (from México and Colombia), and the other half of me is White and Native American.

    It would be TOTALLY NORMAL for a Mexican or Colombian boy to write something like this to a girl, even if it's a girl who's just a casual interest of his. That's just the way the culture is. There's this whole "paseo" thing, and this whole thing with singing, and... yeah.
    I mean, in México you could totally write this, grab a guitar, and sing it to the girl, and it would be absolutely fine. Even if she ultimately rejected it, she'd still do so politely.

    In the USA? Dude, if you two were not AT LEAST on the brink of getting married, this kind of thing would get you branded as a creepy creepo creep-face, INSTANTLY. If the girl were particularly mean-spirited, she might even plaster it all over social media, I hate to say. (Most girls wouldn't go there, at least.)

    You see my point, right? My point is that my advice is useless to you, because I'm not from Indonesia, and I don't have a knowledge of Indonesian culture... and I doubt that any of the other responders are from there, either. (If they are, they should definitely self-identify as such.)

    Think about yr culture.

    Then think about the WORST-case scenario. Think about the scenario in which this just gets totally rejected -- and think about how that would turn out.
    If that would turn out the way it would in México or Colombia, then, dude, go for it.
    If that would turn out the way it would in the States... ahhh yeah, no.

    Last but not least, I have absolutely no idea where you are going with the whole "artificial sugar" thing.
    I mean, don't get me wrong, I think diet sodas are bae... but, yeah, I didn't get that part. LOL

  • That's not a note. It's a novel. Pick three things, one about her appearance, one about her personality, and what about how you feel when you're together. But the list three things in a short note. Save the other things for future notes or for when you are together and can talk.

  • I like it. It's real sweet. I'm not sure what your plans are with it but if it's for a big gesture, You might even be able to break it up into several smaller notes and give them to her throughout the day to add up or something. If you want.

  • It's very sweet! I would be extremely flattered to receive a letter like this!

  • That's adorable. She will cherish this forever. :)

  • I think it's very sweet!


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  • It's ehhh in my opinion, but it's the thought that really counts