Annoying girl who thinks she's a side chick?

I've been off and on dating this guy for 1 1/2 years. Apparently he talked to a girl for a few weeks and hooked up with her but never pursued a relationship with her. She constantly pursues him on social media by favoriting and responding to comments, but he doesn't reply. She will follow him and unfollow him.. Tweet about how she doesn't care anymore, single forever, can't wait to laugh in your face when it fails again, etc... You get the idea. She's even gone so far as to message me asking why I'm trying to ruin things for her and calling me stupid. She's acting like a troll. When I asked this guy about it he said she's just mad because he doesn't message her anymore. I really haven't pressed the issue because I don't feel like she is worth getting into an argument over. In fact, I'm sure that's exactly what she wants. It's like she has this made up relationship with him. He didn't pursue a relationship with her, but she's acting like he's playing games as an ex. In fact, she's even tried to get this guy angry at me because I went out with another guy a few times that she liked. She pursued that other guy too for a long time. He ignored her too.
So.. Do I continue to ignore this girl or hope she gets bored and moves on? I don't want to interrogate this guy on their relationship because I feel like he's not remotely interested, but she tries to insert herself and be hateful on social media. I realize social media is not real life, but she's very annoying. Comments?


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  • I would take some of this into consideration. If you two aren't official and he's the one whose hesitant to take that step, its possible.

    Ask him what he wants with you two and see from there. If you two aren't serious is it really worth it dealing with crap like this? He should've shut her down himself by now...

    • Yep. I block girls that do that, so there may be a reason why he hasn't.

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    • Thank you :). I think that you are right not to make a big deal out of it unless you have some kind of proof. It's probably nothing serious and he might just like the attention in some strange way. A word of advice: you can't control people; you can only try to influence them. Although I agree that he should block her, he's the one that ultimately has to decide to do it.

    • Thanks! I replied, but I don't see it posted? It is a difficult situation since nothing's official. I think that's why I didn't want to make a big deal, but it's annoying. You're right-- I really don't want to deal with this crap. He hasn't really ever blocked anyone that I know of.. But he should shut her down because ignoring her obviously isn't working. I'm hoping karma will come around to her and she gets to deal with a psychotic bullying girl like herself some day. If we do start dating then we definitely need to address this..,

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