How do I get this girl in my standard?

I need serious dating advice. I sit next to my crush in 2nd period. I been told I have a chance (like 25/100) or I have no chance at all. I have no confidence and when I talk to her, I randomly say the first thing in my head. I'm 15 and I weigh around 234 lb or so, and I'm 5'7" or 5'8". My female best friend who has most class with my crush say I might just might have a chance. She theorize that she might likes me deep down. I kinda doubt it, but want to believe it. But, my crush used look at me afar in class before I sat next to her. I probably the only mysterious boy she ever talk to. She sometimes smile when I talk to her at the end of class. One time, she was about to bring my notebook to me, but I grabbed it at the same time she did. When I try to be nice, she would say she got it. The only thing I say about my crush that she's well mannered, proper, independent, preppy, introverted/extroverted, quiet around certain people, feisty rarely, sarcastic rarely, really intelligent and respectful. I was going to give her a note when 2nd period was over, but I kinda bitch out/forgot. She's very talkative when she is around her friends. I would talk to her, but I don't fit in with the preppy Honors kids. My best friend is facing the same problem too because he likes my crush's friend and she likes him somewhat. I only know and actually talk with three of my crush's friends. One of her friends is my cousin, but we don't talk to each other that much and barely know each other. Her other two friends I can talk to since one of them is my best friend's crush and the other one is her annoying best friend. What should I do? I need detail opinions.


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  • I think it's great that you are friends with her friends and that believe it or not gives you a great advantage. Girls have this thing where their girl friends either approve or disapprove of a potential boyfriend. If her friends disapprove of a guy it is unlikely you will ever be with her even if she likes you. This isn't always the case but more often than not it remains true.

    So guessing from what I've read you seem to be in the good books with her friends. That's good and they potentially can put in a good word for you. But I'm guessing they may have already done that and your crush is still unsure of you. Just try to be more friendly and be cooler so she will like you more and be impressive to her friends because if they say cool stuff about you then your crush will probably start thinking the same thing.

    You can also work on yourself as I'm guessing your weight might be an issue and you can also work up the courage to talk to your crush more often and befriend her. It won't seem weird because you have a cousin and are friends with her friends so you should be able to fit in. Hope this helps you out.

    • The problem is I barely talk to her friends and I doubt they mentioned me to her.

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    • Just try to give it a go. Go out of your comfort zone a little and you don't have to have anything in common. You just have to be relatable and talk about things which they are interested in. You just have to joke and be funny and be friendly and tease them maybe tn get their attention. It's not what you talk about but the way you make them feel. You could be talking about a bunch a crap but if it was funny they will still like you for it.

    • You have a strong and logical point. I will do it.