Straight girl crushing hard on lesbian girl?

I don't want to say I'm bi because I'm not attracted to any other girl. But this girl is something else to me. She's definitely a lesbian but she's tomboyish, dresses in loose boy clothes and basically carries herself as one of the boys. She's so funny and something about her is really attractive. I can't work out if I like her or the idea of her, or if it's simply hormones.


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  • If you're curious, go for it. One way or another it'll help you figure out your questions.

    • Ugh I'm scared. I don't want it to work out in a way because I don't want to be bisexual.. As much as I have nothing against any sexuality! I just can't see myself anything other than straight

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    • It's okay, you didn't. Just made me think. I agree. I think part of my doubt is to do with what people would think. I wouldn't mind being more than friends with this girl if we were both attracted to each other. I don't see it as an issue

    • Good luck with whatever you do do. 😊❤️☮