Should I get my ex a Valentine's gift?

This girl and I started dating in August and in late November we became an official couple. Like it always goes, it started out great but the arguing became more and more often. She then says she doesn't want to be in a relationship about a month ago, that she wants to concentrate on her 1.5 year old son and work. Also her baby daddy always flakes on her when on baby sitting duties so it was kinda hard for her to find a babysitter. So we decide to just be friends. But about a day after that she says she still has feelings, and she wants to continue to date, just take things slow. We agree. Last weekend I go to Hooters with my cousin and get kinda drunk. I tell her later in a text and she calls me ballistic that I went to Hooters because obviously I was only there to hit on the girls smh. So she blocks my # and my social media accounts. We went there because I had a gift card that was old and I wanted to use it before it expired. Even though we're not a couple anymore I do still have feelings for her. I'm wondering if I should get her some flowers and candy and leave it at that. Or should I not bother? Thanks


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  • I think she's made it pretty clear that she doesn't want anything from you.


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