Please help. Am I bisexual or bicurious?

All my life I've been into boys. I was quite a late bloomer in the sense that I didn't really used to pay much attention to them in my younger years until maybe the age of 14/15 is when I started caring about relationships/boys/sex. I've never had a boyfriend, mainly because I lack a lot of self confidence and I don't feel comfortable flirting with boys or showing interest because I feel like I'll get rejected and I have anxiety which adds to it. Anyway, these days if a hot boy were to approach me I would definitely flirt back with him but I would never initiate it. I'm told by many how I should do modelling and that I'm very pretty, so I don't think that's why I haven't had a boyfriend. But because of no boys (or shall I say the kind of boys I want) are approaching me I'm starting to get depressed. There's a girl who works with me. She's a masculine/tomboyish lesbian and we clicked instantly when we met. She's really funny and I feel like I'm starting to become attracted to her and it's really weird. For example I'm always stalking her social media, I get butterflies when I see her name or something (strange I know) and I just think about her a lot. I don't know what's happening to me, I've never ever been attracted to a girl before. Maybe because I was such a late bloomer my hormones are messing me up, but I'm starting to now question if I'm even straight. But at the same time I'm thinking maybe because I'm not getting anywhere with boys I'm forcing myself or even fooling myself into thinking I'm into A GIRL. Help!


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  • It might just be a girl crush, like you really want to be her friend and be LIKE her but you're mistaking that for romance.

    • She looks like a tomboy though, I don't really want to look like that :(

    • Well you said she's really funny and she sounds confident. That's what I meant. Like sometimes I want to be around people because I want to be associated with their clique. Like, oh she must be cool because she's with that person

  • You are who you are. Don't sweat it and just see what happens. Lots of girls like girls. My cousin who I'm very close friends with does and she is beautiful inside and out. Either way, you'll be fine.