How to forget him and do you have a sortalike experience?

How can I, a 17 Year old girl, forget about a huge crush (until now 5 years)?

I know he is interested too because of the way he looks, but he never really does something, we aren't on the same school anymore, but do live in the same city, but i seen him once since last schoolyear. I saw him in a pub, I turned my head and there he was standing already looking at me, but didn't do anything and he was very active (walking a lot and going to other pubs And returning and stuff).

I can't hold on to something that probably Will never happen...

i tried to forget him but never seemed to work. How to forget him? And do you have a sortalike experience?

thanks for helping


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  • I was forced to forget. If nothing happens eventually life goes on. That's how it was for me at least when I was younger and had a mutual crush on a guy, pretty much like you described yours. I had a hard time forgetting about him but with time I did and filled my head with other guys. If you are interested and he seems to be then how come you don't approach? Take a shot seriously. The only thing you will regret is nothing do it and if it turn you down at least you can move on knowing that you did your best and move on. But hey it could turn out really great!

    • Exactly, if i see Him Again I Will try to Approach Him, because just like you Said it Will only make it easier to move on :)

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