Girl says I'm weird, but it's a good weird?

Hi everyone!

Recently met a girl on Tinder and we really hit it off. She texts me every morning, initiates, plays along with me... we have been doing a little text role play at the moment. She says that she has never felt so challenged in her life, and that it is both frustrating and intriguing, etc... She even wants to cook me food in exchange for my stories. All good signs.

Anyhow today I texted her something funny and she immediately replied, asking if I was intoxicated. I said no. She kept talking and said I scare her. She then said I was weird, but a "good weird" and she included a smiley face.

I am a little quirky, I'll admit, however I do take offense to the word "weird" and I am suddenly close to hanging up the skates on her, as I am definitely not a pushover.

Before I make any moves though, I'd like second opinions, as I myself am highly confused.


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  • Whenever I tell a guy that he's a good kind of weird it's always a good thing and never bad. It means he's weird, but I like it. 😜

    • Thanks for letting me know. I actually stopped texting the girl and deleted her number. I tried calling her and she never picked up then made excuses =P

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  • Now I am really curious...
    What exactly did you text her?

    • She said I make her feel stupid. Then she said she doesn't understand how I come up with things so fast (comebacks, jokes, etc.) and finds it scary. So I replied that I thought she was cute (i. e. because she didn't "get it") and I asked her why she she found it scary.

      ... To which she replied the above.

      We kept on texting later on but when I called her she never picked up or called me back. Just texted asking if I called her. I have since stopped texting and moved to another girl because I feel this one just isn't mature enough for me (she's only 19).

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  • I wouldn't overreact to a statement like that. I've had girls sometimes say that to me but I know for a fact that she liked me. I think they just say that because it may make them feel a little uncomfortable and they want you to change the subject or that it's a good kinda weird where it's quirky but they really like that you are that way because it's different and unpredictable and is not boring. I think in your case it was a good sign and she likes that you are quirky.

    • All right. I will reply to her again and see where it goes. She's really veering into the danger zone though...

  • Girls are poison for the mind, and deteriorate mental well being faster than any other disease. They are always playing some SICK mind games.

    Be careful