My best friend's ex said I'm cute asf?

My best friend and her ex boyfriend broke up abot a week ago and I thought things were going so well between the two of them. After hearing abou it, I text him to find out what happen and we just kind of stuck together after that. We've become pretty cool friends and only with a week. Recently he asked me for a picture of me so he can make it my contact picture. I sent it and he sent me his and then he said "Um u cute asf". I was shocked to see that and then I asked "I am?" and he said "yes very"... So what does this mean... I don't know what to do...


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  • It means he's clearly using you to get revenge on your friend.

    • sorry but I don't think that's the case because he's the one who broke up with her

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  • He's probably using you

  • Wow, what a best friend you are...

    • what did I do? she told me to text him anyway

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    • yes actually she did

    • This situation seems quite fishy. Especially for 15 year old girls... You have to be careful what a girl might say versus what they actually feel. Your best friend might say it's okay, but she could either be lying or have a secret agenda. I'd be careful.