How often has our collective gut feelings ever been correct or incorrect about our Crushes?

You know when you think your crush is also into you, when you have that feeling, even if its slight? Well i was wondering how often we discover those gut feelings to be correct and true, or that it was wishful thinking. Im adding a small poll for you to answer, so the collective information might give us a little more confidence... or we will discover if it is just wishful thinking!

I know this stuff isn't neccessarily black and white in nature but please select the experience closest to 1 that has happened to you, even if it happened before or after any others.

Im new here too, nice to meet you :)

  • 1. I had a feeling they Liked me too, and it turned out that they did after all.
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  • 2. I had a feeling/i was convinced they Didn't like me too, but it turns out they did, after all.
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  • 3, I had a feeling they Liked me too, but they didnt!
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  • 4. I had a feeling they didn't like me, and i was right!
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What Guys Said 2

  • Crushes are usually reputable for being a path to heart break, which probably suggests that most of the time it doesn't work out the way people want.

    I never really found out, because I never had the balls when I was a teenager to approach my crushes, and later when I got the balls, I never did the crushing thing. I just approached people right away before they turned into some fantasy in my head.

    Probably the odds that two people will crush on each other are slim to none, like lottery odds.

    But maybe the odds that someone with a crush, approaching a person, hanging out, and developing the other person's interest towards you might be considerably higher.

  • It's not quite that simple. Someone can deny liking you and even appear not to; but, for various reasons that may or may not make any logical sense and some that they person may not even be consciously aware of, claim that they don't or appear that they don't.

    In addition, despite what you usually read on here, a person's mind can change, especially if you change or the other person changes and, in some cases, if the circumstances change. People can be confusing and things can get very complicated, especially if he or she isn't sure how the other feels.

    In fact, I am currently ignoring a girl that I really, really like for reasons that have very little to do with her. Life happens and sometimes highly driven individuals have to prioritize.

    I'll agree that you will generally find out, sooner or later, if someone likes you, but that isn't always the case. Also, someone could have liked you at one time but no longer does when you ask, and, conversely, might not like when you ask but that can change later.

    • I hate typing on my iPhone.

      đŸ‘†Someone can like you but deny liking you and even appear not to like you for various reasons that may or may not even make logical senses and that they may or may not even be consciously aware of when, in fact, they do.

What Girls Said 1

  • Many a time have I had a feeling the guy liked me and they did. There are other times (many too) where I was clueless as h*ll and then later on found out they did.

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