Newly dating and Valentines Day?

I've been seeing this girl for about 3 weeks. I'm a med student, and I don't have ample amounts of free time, so we've only me about once a week (3 dates so far). We are not an offical couple and are just casually dating. Normally, I never get a woman that I am dating any gifts, at least not until we are exclusive and are an offical couple.

Since V-day is just around the corner, I don't know how to approach this. To me, a gift this early (and on this holiday) seems way, way, way too fast and needy. But doing nothing may convey I have no interest. Either option seems it could blow up in my face.

I have a clinical shift on the 14th, so I had planned on stopping by before work, pulling her outside and giving her a sensual kiss. No gift.

I figure the gesture would show her I was still interested, but not rushing into a full-blown relationship talk.

Or am I just completly off my rocker and handling this the wrong way.


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  • You are way over thinking this bullshit holiday.


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