Can't figure out what we are?

I've been seeing this guy for about 7 months, exclusive for the last 4.
I love him & he has told me he loves me.
We talk every day, he calls me most days, I've been staying at his for half the week every week, even though he lives 2 hours away
We are not in a relationship as he says he isn't ready for a girlfriend yet & he leaves for uni in a few days (longer distance). He says he wants to continue seeing me.
We act as if we are in a relationship. I've met all the family, even extended family. But we aren't & that's fine because I'm happy. But when I have asked what we are I can't get a straight answer. When I have said it is complicated he says it isn't. He doesn't like talking about feelings & I feel bad bringing it up.

i just want to know what we are?
& what will happen when he leaves?


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  • You're in the process of getting to know each other. You're dating exclusively.

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