She is sending me mixed feelings I feel?

So there is this girl that I have a crush on. We started talking about a month ago. We go to the same college and have the same friend group. She asks for my thoughts on stuff and we talk. She has fling going on with this one guy. I don't know how serious it is but they are also not boyfriend and girlfriend. The other weekend we all went out and he was not here that weekend and she slept on the couch with me. I would like to take her out and get to know here better. Should I just ask her if she would like to grab dinner Saturday, we are all suppose to go out later that night too. What are your thought? Also I will be working like 15 mins away from her this summer and she was saying how I should stay up here this summer.


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  • Ask her out. Go have dinner together before you all go out later. She's not taken or anything so there's really no harm. This could be your chance to win her over!


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